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  Bristling Armchair
An armchair, can be sat on. Produces a small amount of light.
Width: = 63 cm
Height: = 106 cm
Depth: = 94 cm
Material Composition
The base is made of laser cut MDF sandwiched together to give it strength so that it holds the shape of the chair. The metal is CR-4 Steel, 0.6mm in thickness, it's held to the frame with glue and bolts. The frame is welded from 22mm square steel tube. There are 140 5W bulbs in 7 rows of 20 bulbs. Above each bulb is a shaped Acrylic Rod, which is what one sits on. The bulbs are divided into 3 sections and the two outside rows on either side are 'dimmed' lower than the central 3 rows. A blue gel has also been added to the underneath of the chair which casts a blue glow down onto the floor.

Bristling Armchair

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